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Review of Karl Jenkins‘The Armed Man’

'The Armed Man was an emotional roller coaster for me - so relevant to our times, haunting and, at times, confronting. As performed by UWACS it was utterly absorbing. The Benedictus was particularly moving and the Agnus Dei, Call to Prayer and Last Post tenderly performed, but other parts called for wild percussive energy from the instruments and shrieks from the choir which convincingly evoked the blind martial determination and sheer terror of war. At various times during the concert the music evoked horror, sadness and grief, but this was tempered by the fragile hope raised at the end in ‘Better is Peace’. As a whole the piece was thrilling and devastating by turns, and performed with such verve and intensity that it was impossible to leave the auditorium feeling unchanged.' - Cheryl Cartlidge

Tuesday, April 05, 2016