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Review of ‘The Messiah’

I thought it was an atmospheric performance; the dynamics made for plenty of light and shade, and the towering narrative of the piece was well served by choir, soloists and instrumentalists alike under the assured baton of Chris Van Tuinen. 

·        I felt particularly that one of the choir’s strengths was it’s alto and mezzo cohort which imparted a dependable richness.  

·        The soloists were well cast in their roles and provided a blend in their shared pieces that was at times mesmeric. 

·        Soprano Katja Webb’s rendition of the iconic ‘I Know that My Redeemer Liveth’ was compelling and uplifting, but the same could also be said of many other key solo pieces. 

·        The choir’s sensitive underpinning of the soloists made for some stand-out moments, and the legendary ‘Hallelujah’ chorus had a verve and buoyancy that didn’t disappoint.

Cheryl Cartlidge, 2015.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016